Great news, Jazzoo 2 is ready for release autumn 2018! New musical adventures that we are really proud of and happy for!

Jazzoo 2 Cover-01.jpg

More festivals for JAZZOO

Jazzoo is currently touring the world and has appeared on a large number of festivals such as - 

Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)

BFI London Film Festival

Buster Film Festival Brazil

Tromsö Barnfilmfestival, Norway

Curtas Vila do Conde, Portugal

Olympia Film Festival, Greece

Kyiv Int. Film Festival

Glasgow Film Festival

Nantucket Film Festival

Luxemburg City Film Festival

Tumbleweeds Film Festival

Jazzoo short film in NYC

New York International Children´s Film Festival is screening Jazzoo. Buy tickets here !

"Jazzoo screens as part of the Shorts for Tots program, but any adult who doesn’t start tapping their toes to Oddjob's groovy, up-tempo tunes is a total weirdo as far as we’re concerned. They will introduce us to a heaving, hot hippo who seeks some cooling relief with the help of one hardy little birdy. After that, a resourceful orange fish successfully plays a game of cat-and-mouse with a shark. A little koala cub figures out how he can bounce along with a kanga’s roo and then a gaggle of elephants party and get-down, to the annoyance of the wet blanket monkeys. It all goes zipping along, thanks to the colorful animation and Oddjob’s propulsive music, especially the crisply swinging muted trumpet of Goran Kajfes."